Sunday, June 6, 2021

June...Giveaway Tuesday



A preview to summer celebrations

With high expectations

June 1rst immersed us into giving

Beginning with Giveaway Tuesday

A day of gratitude and thanks

To the New Jersey Foodbank

And the New Jersey Pandemic Association

Both combating hunger, depression

Extreme isolation and desolation…


Pandemic time has certainly taken its toll

Attempting to crush the souls

Of a people caught up in COVID 19

In what seems to be endless misery

But once again God has made away

In the dawning of a new day

In great anticipation of the milestones being made

With vaccinations across our country

In hopes of eradicating the demon of the century

That has caught the world up into a nightmarish reverie…


June sings of new beginnings

Let all hearts be caught up in giving


To the many who have lost hope in an unrelenting existence


To the many angry who justify their violence as the only way out


To the many whose hatred of others dulls their own sense of inadequacy


To the many whose grief has plunged them into the depths of darkness


To the many who are sick, shut in, lonely and depressed


To the many who are mentally ill


To the many that are homeless, hungry,  haggard and stressed...


June sings of new beginnings


Friday, January 1, 2021


This is day 7 of Kwanzaa and the principle for today is Imani...Faith.  Yes baby boy Trump will soon be gone...COVID 19 will soon be controlled...the economy will recover...hate will dissipate. and we will learn to treat people the way in which we want to be treated. To God be the glory!