Friday, January 1, 2021


This is day 7 of Kwanzaa and the principle for today is Imani...Faith.  Yes baby boy Trump will soon be gone...COVID 19 will soon be controlled...the economy will recover...hate will dissipate. and we will learn to treat people the way in which we want to be treated. To God be the glory!

Saturday, December 26, 2020

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

The Deadly Demon


                                                                              by Charles Williams IV

COVID 19 rips through my dreams clawing at my lungs…a virus sprung from the depths of hell spreading throughout the earth intent on causing hurt and harm to the inhabitants.  Capturing the unsuspecting…don’t let your guard down in the midst of harmless fun…camaraderie turn deadly as the sun sinks behind the horizon…COVID 19 the fiend attaches itself between friends lacing itself into spaces and places of innocence.

Hot sweaty feverish flu like symptoms captivate the essence of my existence pulsating…quickly distinguishing itself as COVID 19 the deadly demon stealing my energy…stealing the breath of my life…stealing muscles that heretofore worked together but are now in pain aching…shaking…shivering…the brain insane at the loss of cohesive thought. Don’t wear a mask...ignorance shouts at the top of its voice rejoicing over the number of deaths.

Shades of gray cast gloom throughout the room…the bed saps strength from my aching bones killing all resolve to evolve back into sanity if but for a moment…my mind a blank canvas waiting…suddenly words light up the backdrop “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me”[1]…the brightness illuminates the murky atmosphere…the words invade the sphere of my soul reminding me of days gone by…and how God has allowed me to fly through life on the wings of eagles….

“I shall not die but live and declare the works of the Lord”[2]…his praises to be shouted everywhere…His joy filling the air…His music touching hearts…His love giving mankind a brand new start…power is pouring through my veins…beating the rhythm of life…beating the beat of perseverance…beating the beat of deliverance…beating the beat of healing….”Heal me O Lord and I shall be healed…save me O Lord and I shall be saved me… for thou art my praise”[3]

“Hast thou not known hast thou not heard that the everlasting God, the Lord, the creator of the ends of the earth fainteth not neither is weary. There is no searching of his understanding”[4]…Lord help man…help us to understand the lesson in the demon COVID 19…Lord help us to love each other like the sisters and brothers you created us to be…Lord help us to love our neighbor…Lord help us to do good like we should in the midst of a corrupt and violent world. Lord have mercy on us…



[1] Phillipians 4:13 KJV

[2] Psalm 118:17 KJV

[3] Jeremiah 17:14 KJV

[4] Isaiah 40:28 KJV

Thursday, October 8, 2020

A Tale of Two Nations Within a Nation



Death marching through the land declaring eminence in a shattered world                                      Hearts overwhelmed with grief in disbelief of an altered existence                                            Unknown virus straight out of the depths of deception and scientific experimentation shrouds the earth In uncertainty…insanity…and animosity clinging to lies that fly In the face of systemic racism…systemic poverty…systemic greed birthing the seed of exploitive capitalism oppressing many in search of the American dream…  

Who said make America great again?


Souls not afraid of sacrifice envelop the need to be nice reaching out helping hands to do what they can to alleviate the anguish and the pain that now reigns from continent to continent…the benevolence of many serving hurting humanity in a time of great distress being put to the test in the midst of chaos…religious organizations  offering solace virtually…children making masks for the front line…people communicating caring  online…lemonade stands to help breast cancer victim…marches against injustice and racism…food pantries for hungry families…compassion lies at the heart of this great nation… 

Who said make America great again? 

Deceits …fabrications…falsehoods                                       

Lies explode in the skies raining shards and slivers of hate cutting into the heart of the people splitting compassion into misperception abolishing caring into chambers of indifference…homelessness is not my problem…hunger is not my problem…health care is not my problem…COVID 19 it seems knows no boundaries…the land of the free number one in number of cases losing face in this race of destruction and devastation…the land of the free economically disintegrating into a crisis of the haves and the have nots…the big shots…the rich…getting the best of care as confusion and delusion mushrooms everywhere…

Who said make America great again?


One nation under God…one nation under God…one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all…justice for all races…all cultures...all people…God is in control…God is love not hate… God is peace… so let all hostility cease…God is goodness sending kindness to care about the homeless…the hungry…the sick…the incarcerated…mercy shaking the foundation of a country divided from its inception…a tale of two nations within a nation struggling to define democracy…equality…in the land of the free…money vs. empathy…in the land of the free power vs integrity…in the land of the free evil vs good…let the fight continue…let the light of the Divine continue to shine from sea to shining sea.

Which America will it be?

Wednesday, September 23, 2020



Phone alarm singing…ringing awakening Tee from a troubled sleep only to remember the tragic uncertain times she’s living in…COVID 19 screams its eminence overshadowing existence. Children crying hungry…Mama might be dying…diabetes taking another leg…rent way overdue…Lord where’s the breakthrough? Got to make my rounds…pantry for boxes of groceries…school for box lunches…talk to Mama…call the unemployment line…when does it all end?

Over 30 million people currently collect unemployment as well as many more that are unemployed yet unable to register because of tied up lines. This pandemic has caused such economic uncertainty among workers, among small businesses, among restaurants, gyms, huge department stores, and the list goes on.  People have lost their jobs and consequently it’s now hard to buy food and pay basic bills. According to the organization Feeding America more than 54 million people may experience food insecurities in 2020, 18 million of which are children. Communities across the country struggle with food insecurity including rural and suburban communities.

I’ll go early to the pantry get a number then go over to the school…it’s not too far from there…get me and the kids some box lunches…Lord how much longer…how much longer. Got to get out of this bed…get the kids up… can’t even run anymore with Mama in the hospital…running always makes me feel better…gotta call Mama and see how she’s doing….

“Good morning Mama good to hear your voice…when they supposed to do the surgery?”

“Daughter, God is good…they say the infection looks like it may be clearing up…might not need surgery after all. The church praying for me…I’m on the prayer list. This diabetes not going to get the best of me….”

According to death from heart disease is higher in Black Americans than any other ethnic group.  About 48% of African American women and about 44% of African American males have some form of heart disease. Conditions that lead to heart disease and stroke among Black Americans are high blood pressure, obesity, and diabetes.

“Mama I don’t know how you can be so positive in sickness and all this pandemic stuff. The place I go for pantry, the House of Love Soup Kitchen/Pantry is going to have workshops on Health and Wellness. They are going to be online. I’ll get the information and when you get out of the hospital maybe you’d like to attend.”

“Tee you know me and the computer…I don’t know.”

“Mama you know I’ll help you and maybe you can help me feel more positive in spite of everything we’re going through…Black men and women getting killed, the president trying to be a wanna be dictator… laid off from the job… barely making it on unemployment. Even though there’s a moratorium keeping us from getting locked out still going to have to pay this back rent once this Coronavirus mess is over.”

“Tee I believe in miracles daughter…you know my favorite scripture St. Like 1:37 For with God nothing shall be impossible. The church praying three times a day together online helps keep our minds positive.  I may not have the best of health insurance, and I know I’m over weight but I know Dr. Jesus and He will take care of me! You have to trust in God Tee and know in your heart everything will be alright. I also like Deuteronomy 31:8: It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not fail you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed. Daughter remember those words…”

“Mama you’re right…I’m going to get up, get myself and the kids ready, and make my rounds. I miss you and can’t wait ‘till you get home.  Thank God I have someplace to go and get food. God is good. Thank God you don’t have to have surgery…that’s a real miracle.  I’m going to get that information about that 5K Walk…oh here’s the flyer with the link to the website right on my night stand. Mama I’ll talk to you later…love you!”

Everyone needs a helping hand from time to time.  We need community services to continue.  You will probably never know whose life you will touch as a result of your generosity and/or service but know we are out here....we do exist!  In October, Just Be Holistic Health and Wellness is organizing a 5K Virtual Run themed "I Run for My Health".  This 5K is also serving as a fundraiser for the House of Love Soup Kitchen and Pantry. The soup kitchen wants to incorporate health and wellness workshops as a part of services offered to the community.  Please consider supporting this much needed community service and sign up for the run as well.  Link to event page below:









Friday, July 24, 2020

Who is their God?

This is a spoken word piece with music exposing the hypocrisy of today's leadership in the United States of America.